Participation in Queensland

(Under Construction) This page will include information about participation happening in Queensland  (Qld).

Qld currently has a number of ways that consumer and carers can participate at a state level

This page will be developed when we have a contact person in the Qld

8 responses to “Participation in Queensland”

  1. Isabella Cole Avatar
    Isabella Cole

    This is an incredible way to invite engagement and inspire leadership from people with experiences that can choose to be connected to others in ways that transparently meet the common barriers that our industry faces. I provide my interest to be the contact person in Queensland, Australia.


    1. Welcome aboard this exciting adventure


  2. A copy of a letter I sent to the MHCC regarding Certificate 1V for peer support, be interested in hearing others thoughts on this.

    Dear chairperson and members MHCC,
    My name is Rod Salvage, I have been involved within the mental health consumer peer movement for over 45 years, I was one of the original founders of the VMIAC and was heavily involved I establishing the VMIAC in Victoria and I also established Australia’s first THEMHs consumer M.H conference in 1990? (unsure of year) and followed up with another 2 day THEMHs consumer conference in Townsville 2003 ? ( the first THEMHs conference to be held out of a major city so I have been led to believe), besides this have delivered many talks at schools, consumer groups, universities, RANZCAP and the training of hospital and some NGO staff, besides other venues. I have also taught consumer views at TAFE among other things.

    Unfortunately I left Victoria in 1996 after the VMIAC changed direction.

    I now reside in Townsville, Queensland where I believe QH have only tokenistic representation and involvement of consumers, especially in rural and remote areas, (Qld suicide rural and remote suicide occurrence is the highest in Australia, or so I have been informed) where even calling QH involvement in these areas as tokenistic is mainly an exaggeration, I also believe that simular situations exist throughout Australia, in fact in my view, the very poor situation of Mental Health in most states and federally is in my view, to a large extent either ignored or put on the back shelf, Sorry I am getting carried away but as you notice I do have an intense belief in Mental Health and its effects it has on the Australian way of life.

    It is to my deep regret that I have not been involved in consumer mental health as I would of liked to of been because health reasons, the QH lack of support, or token support for consumers (maybe me there) also distance has been a deterrent as well, but it was with beep shock and regret that I read the proposal of certificate !V peer support training, to myself plus a number of other consumers I have talked to on Facebook and other means it is generally felt that a Certificate !V peer support training is a very much retrograde step and in essence, is disempowering the consumer movement. Peer support in basically based on friendship and support among consumer groups and individuals. NOT a piece of paper and leading the consumer movement into unnessacary bureaucracy, my own view is, a certificate 1V for peer support is dis-empowering for many consumers, it is putting restrictions on friendships and in many ways, learning with support friendship and understanding and replacing it with bureaucracy. Whereas there is without doubt a strong need for training in Peer Advocacy, where some knowledge of law and work, pace, health and safety plus, knowledge of each states widey differing legislations concerning mental health.

    I also deeply respect the involvement of carers, governments and understand the difficulties they face (not only am I a consumer I am also a carer as well, maybe I am reading the matters building up to the suggestion of certificate 1V peer support program but I do strongly believe that both Governments and carers have had an undue influence on the proposal and I would like to see a solely consumer view on this proposal. To me it is absolutely imperative consumers be empowered to speak their views and to me that is not happening at present.

    I do apologise in advance if I am writing unduly and over reacting as I have been not fully involved as much as I would of liked to of been over the past few years, it was in part my own fault I guess but that is another story.

    Thankyou for reading my views I would be very interested in reading any feedbac you have, there of cause other views I would like to air but the triple tyrannies of communication difficulties (my own as I am dyslexia ddistance and as with many consumers who would enjoy more involvement finance .

    Yours Sincerely

    Rod Salvage


  3. Thanks for taking the time to put pen to paper.


  4. Hi Rod, I read the post when it was published & since have been reflecting on my response to an experience that is uniquely informed by yourself.

    I think that no matter what, how or when whatever our contribution is to mental health happens when we have the capacity or time – whatever we name the masquerade of nothing into being something to name. The great nothing masquerading as something …. entertains my imagination, because, after all everything is only anything after a name has been applied – or! label given or applied (for that matter).

    However, appropriate to me is the realization that I am not searching for the arrow as an archer wounding myself with my own …. instead, looking in that mirror realizing that who I am is a generation of what I have been through and how I have become through tiny achievements.

    I am looking forward to being in contact with people who have purpose, like yourself so that we, together may influence the shift that is occurring in each moment we choose to acknowledge. I like to share views as it gives me an opportunity to expand my perspective and emerge into everything that I can be.

    I hope this continues and people feel empowered to comment and be involved anyhow they can; because that is all any of us can do (be real and proud of how we have become).

    …. perceiving challenge in the most productive ways makes me positive ….


    1. Hi! Isabella, I needed to approve you comment before it could go public


      1. Isabella Cole Avatar
        Isabella Cole

        Thank you for the clarification *!*


  5. Isabella Cole Avatar
    Isabella Cole

    On my recent psychiatrist visit I was informed to “suck it up” and get back to work. People with proclaimed mental health experiences are usually targeted due to their social incompetence, on some occasions bullies can possess high levels of social ability. “Due to their social competence, they are able to strategically abuse coworkers and yet be evaluated positively by their supervisor”. The previous sentence contra-shared from the The Silent Epidemic published on the guardian dot com supports the endemic suffering of a workplace meme. It seems I have sharp corners on this rusty nail, but truth is unseen remaining non-seen until the scene changes and culture shifts. I cast my eyes that shadow reflections on ergonomics and there is the stalking of the soul. Of the research what really matters when it comes down to it is does the individual have access to resources to administer their own antidote? and I’m not talking about medicinal pharma.

    I was reading about stigma, it talks about “negative attitudes create prejudice which leads to negative actions and discrimination” which can end up as a bull at a gate – bullying. Being a worker with a proclaimed mental health experience I am viewed negatively in the workplace because of prejudice deputing negative actions as discrimination. Discrimination, as I hear it – either, oneself (or another describing their subjective projection paralleled with emanation) it does add up, oddly enough.

    Having a bully for a boss is probably no career booster, especially if you have worked as a peer worker and you are strengthening yours skills to move into and take on other roles. After all, a boss who frequently belittles you is not likely to help you advance.

    A silent pandemic catalyzed in a current cloak of role mystification – or insulating the status quo?


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