Why do peers do this work

There are many reason why peers do this work, I will be asking people to join me as this site develops and include some words in their first post to show why they are involved as a peer.

The reason I do this is because it was not until 1992 when I became a member of the BAD club, this involved receiving a correct diagnosis of BiPolar Affective Disorder, getting onto treatment that included a range of medication and information about the changes necessary to my hectic lifestyle.

The reason I am still involved in 2016 is that I have discovered that a lot of the issues that impacted on my family had been well documented over a long period of time. I became aware of the consumer movement through being sent to the 1996 Brisbane TheMHS Conference by Hunter Health to find out about consumer participation with three other consumers. The 1996 TheMHS Consumer Day was looking at forming the inaugural Australian Mental Health Consumer Network an event that had a huge impact on me and the thing I picked up from there was that there were a lot of other people who had experienced similar treatment at the hands of the mental health system who were not happy and wanted to see the system change to a more person focused model of care – now called Recovery

The Andrew Roberts’ Home Page has the mental health history of the consumer movement world-wide dating back to 1188

The Mental Patient Union was one report that showed a range of issues consumer wanted to have addressed in 1973

I have included a number of the reports that show how a range of people that have been working to change the system over a long period of time in Australia.

1992 World Health Organisation Consumer Participation Manual 1993 consumer_participation_manual

Lets Talk About Action front cover

1994 Lets Talk about Action Summary of the 1994 Lets Talk About Action report

1996 report From Consumer to Citizen From Consumer to Citizen – V 1.original 230106

1999 Margaret_Cooper The Australian Disability Rights Movement Lives

2000 23 Big Issues Original report 23_big_issues

2002  NSW Forging-Our-Future Conference report

The History of the Lunatic Reception Centre in Darlinghurst

A History of the Lunatic Reception Centre in Darlinghurst

The Kit: The Advocacy we Choose to do



Feedback from 23 Big Issues Working Group

23 Big Issues all V1 7 120816


PDF 23-big-issues-VPU0.5 050617


3 responses to “Why do peers do this work”

  1. I too have been an active member in the consumer Movement since 1996- however was involved in reality since around 1976 when my husband was diagnosed with Schizophrenia- we had been married 7 years- we had also watched an aunt die in a MHU and in 1972 I had a breakdown after the near loss of my 3 rd baby and treatment was – lock her away in Larundal MH facility- my family refused and family & friends took turns over 2 years to get me well – after also throwing away horrendous mind changing meds that had me bedridden & a zombie- my now ex hubby and I prosper and I work tirelessly supporting and training peers and raising awareness around peer work & recovery –


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