Letter to my local member about the Cashless Welfare Card

Dear Ms Kearney,

Congratulations on your win in Cooper. I think you are a tribute to the Labor party.

However now is time to speak out against the Cashless Debit Card also known as the Indue card or the Cashless Welfare Card.

This is a paternalistic demeaning way to stigmatise people on Social Security. It does more harm then good and studies have shown that it can increase dimestic violence and cause depression. It is currently running in five trial sites, and Labor promised to scrap it when they came to power.

I am an advocate for people with disabilities (because I have disabilities), and many people with disabilities langish on Jobseeker for years. My personal story was if being on then called Newstart, before being granted Disability Support Pension.

Another reason to scrap the Indue card is because of its links to Andrew "Twiggy" Forrest who is not a philanthropist and has been taken to court for not paying indigenous people royalties for mining on their land. I believe Indue also has links to other members of the liberal party and known associates. No government contract should be awarded to anyone with a vested interest.

It is also my belief once a federal ICAC is formed the awarding of the contract to Indue needs to be investigated by them.

I look forward to a timely response in this matter.
Prime Minister Albanese did make the scrapping of this an election promise, and I would appreciate written conformation this will go ahead as an urgent priority.

If you want to discuss this matter further please call me on (phone number) anytime.

Yours Sincerely
Ms Kristy Mounsey (she/her)
(address supplied)


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