Consumer Conversations – Letter to Minister Hunt

Consumer Conversations use social media to network and provide support and share information about the various activities that members of the group are involved with.

Members of the group are involved in various activities at a local, area, PHN, state and national level.

The group is on Facebook and uses the definition: Consumer Perspective from The Kit as the guiding principle for how it decides what issues can be on the agenda with the group

consumer perspective: a way of seeing the world in the light of experience/s of mental/emotional distress. Includes experiences of seeking support (of various kinds), of stigma in the community and within services. Also incorporates a sense of solidarity with others who have had similar experiences.

The letter is the first time the group Consumer Conversations has decided to have a coordinated campaign on an issue and will be sending this out to there other networks for comment prior to asking Minister Hunt for an appointment to discuss if he will support reinstating the concept of a National Mental Health Consumer Organisation that is properly funded by the Commonwealth

A copy of the Letter can be obtained here at this link

You are welcome to join the group if you have a Consumer Perspective – see definition above click here

This link will capture your contact details if you would like to be included in the table at the end of the letter when we send it off to the minister

Add comments below

We are planning to send the letter next Wednesday 13 September 2017 when some of the group will come together for the Recovery Camp in Wallaroo, SA Click here for more information








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