Peer Workforce resources from the MHCC

This link will
take you to a range of resouces on the Mental Health Coordination Council web site.

Look halfway down the page to see the information
on the Peer Workforce

•BuildingYourProgram-COSP (PDF, 1668Kb)
•CMS-letter-on-peer-support (PDF, 119Kb)
•CPS-Competencies-2009 (PDF, 47Kb)
•EvaluatingYourProgram-COSP (PDF, 2699Kb)
•GettingStarted-COSP (PDF, 931Kb)
•Isabell-Collins-What-consumers-want (PDF, 145Kb)
•Janet-Meagher-Consumer-Reflection (PDF, 777Kb)
•Larry-Fricks-Keynote (PDF, 60Kb)
•Main-Plenary-sessions (PDF, 1915Kb)
•Mick-Burge-Industry-ref-group (PDF, 7217Kb)
•National-MH-Peer-Workforce-Forum-Final-Report-MHCA-05-2011 (PDF, 6130Kb)
•NMHPW-Forum-Program (PDF, 5677Kb)
•Peer-Workforce-Survey (DOC, 942Kb)
•PSWHR-Agenda (PDF, 52Kb)
•PSWHR-One-Pager-2-day (PDF, 57Kb)
•TheEvidence-COSP (PDF, 1208Kb)
•Training-COSP (PDF, 1934Kb)
•Vanessa-Dayeh-Peer-workforce-qual (PDF, 2503Kb)


One response to “Peer Workforce resources from the MHCC”

  1. Isabella Cole Avatar
    Isabella Cole

    Thank you, very useful indeed.


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